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A bolted joint is a bolted joint, whether it’s on a film production machine in a fuel cell processing plant, a giant centrifuge that sends rockets into space, or an oil refinery blowout preventer protecting workers and communities from disaster. While the details of your application might be unique, the concept remains the same: your bolted flanges need to work. Safely. Reliably. Accurately. Whatever your application, we have the products you need to make that happen.




Industries We Serve

Manufacturing INTEGRA Technologies
Government INTEGRA Technologies
Aerospace INTEGRA Technologies
Oil & Gas INTEGRA Technologies
Oil & Gas
Power Generation INTEGRA Technologies
Power Generation

We also service industries such as fuel cells, wind turbines, pulp and paper, off-shore oil, chemical processing, mining, plastics, and blowout preventer production.

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Buyer’s Guide

INTEGRA Engineered Products & Tools
Custom Standard
VIPER™ Simultaneous Bolting System BlackHawk™ Hydraulic Nuts SMART Tensioners TALON™ Auto-Retract Bolt Tensioners Velocity Washer™
Assembly Speed* 11111 1111 111 11 N/A
Breakout Speed* 1111 111 11 1 11111
Load Accuracy* 11111 11111 1111 1111 111
Leak Prevention* 11111 11111 1111 1111 N/A
Galling Prevention* 11111 11111 11111 11111 1111

*As compared to traditional torquing